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Coffee is the most consumed beverage on the planet. Millions of people enjoying the brew each and every day. Even though some of the things that make coffee 'good' are entirely subjective, for example differences in taste between origins, their are many important aspects that will definitely effect what's make good coffee good!?

- Quality is absolutely number one when it comes to coffee. The highest level of quality is categorized as specialty coffee. Specialty coffees are distinctive because they are grown in ideal climates around the world with varying types of soil compositions and have little to no defects, which result in unique flavors and special characteristics.

In the global market for coffee beans, Arabica coffee beans make up about 60% of the market, Robusta about 35% and 5% is made up of other coffee beans like Liberica.

Arabica coffee beans differ from Robusta coffee beans on so many levels:

These are some of the most differences between the two of them. Right now all our coffees beans are 100% Arabica here at Nuts Pick. 

Freshness also very important point to consider when buying your best coffee beans. Fresh coffee is considered anything that has been roasted in the past 0-3 weeks (most ideal within 14 days) and has been sealed in their bags instantly. Once you expose coffee to oxygen, it immediately starts the degradation process of the beans, which means a loss in flavor and freshness. Here at Nuts Pick, all coffee orders has been roasted and packed within 7 days from your order. We don't keep stock of roasted beans for longer than this period so we be sure that you getting the best possible fresh beans.