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Peanuts: The Healthy Snack You Need to Know More About

January 14, 2022

Eating peanuts for the good of your health!

Peanuts are a nutritional powerhouse! Tasty as well as rich in healthy protein, fats, vitamins and minerals, peanuts are a great choice for a satisfying snack or as a culinary ingredient with super health benefits.  

Peanuts are the most popular nut in the world. According to global statistics we consume over 46.2 million metric tons of peanuts a year so although they are often overlooked in favour of more exotic nuts and foodstuffs the humble peanut is still the most widely consumed nut in the world.

Interestingly for the most popular nut in the world, peanuts are not technically nuts but legumes, similar to lentils and soybeans as they grow under the soil rather than on trees.

So let’s check out some facts about peanuts to find out more why we should be eating more of them.

peanuts health benefit

Peanuts are good for heart health.

Peanuts contain copper, a trace mineral often missing from the western diet, Thiamine (vitamin B1), Magnesium and Niacin (vitamin B3). These nutrients are all important for heart health. Niacin has been linked to a reduction of heart disease and Thiamine is essential for healthy muscle function, heart health and the nervous system.

Heart disease is a major health concern worldwide and research suggests that peanuts with their complex nutritional profile can help support healthy heart function.

Peanuts contain nutrients that support general health even throughout pregnancy.

Peanuts contain Biotin (vitamin B7) which is important for embryonic growth and because many pregnant women suffer biotin deficiency, peanuts may help redress the balance.

Peanuts are also high in Folic Acid a substance that is necessary for health and especially throughout pregnancy.

 Although you should always follow your doctor’s directions and take nutritional supplements if required, peanuts are a great source of important nutrients throughout pregnancy.

For general health, eating peanuts can be a valuable support to a healthy nervous system and resistance.

Peanuts are rich in antioxidants

We all know we should consume our five a day and peanuts are as rich in antioxidants as many fruits. Antioxidants are plant compounds that have a protective effect in the body, boosting resistance to disease and supporting general health.

Peanuts contain p coumaric acid, revesterol, phytic acid , isoflavones and physosterols. These antioxidant compounds have numerous health benefits to general health and resistance to disease.

peanut health benefit

Peanuts can help support weight loss

Because peanuts are full of fats, many people believe that eating peanuts contributes to weight gain. However research suggests otherwise. Because peanuts are such a high protein satisfying snack, they cause feelings of fullness so can help reduce calorie intake. In addition they are high in insoluble fibre which is important for a healthy digestive function.

Peanuts are low carb so can support a Keto diet.

How many peanuts should I eat?

Peanuts are a fantastic source of protein healthy fats and antioxidants but it is important to eat them as part of a balanced diet. Peanuts are high in calories so if you are trying to lose weight, you do need to factor in that too many peanuts will add to weight gain if you ignore your peanut intake.

We offer peanuts in many different flavours which may encourage you more to include the peanuts in your daily diet. You can have them raw or blanched. We also offer the redskin small peanuts which is smaller in size and tastier after toasting. If you like sweet snacks, you can get them coated with honey, caramelised or honey chilli. We also do them in a rare mediterranean way with salt. Or you can check the large range we have of the peanuts snacks from here.


Are peanuts safe?

Peanuts are safe for most people but that said peanut allergy is one of the most common food allergies in the world. Reactions can be severe and if you have a peanut allergy it goes without saying that you should avoid consuming anything that contains peanuts. An allergic reaction is caused when the body mistakenly identifies peanuts as harmful, causing your body to release chemicals into the blood as a defence.

The bottom line…

Peanuts are a fantastic source of nutrients including minerals, vitamins and antioxidants so are a great addition to a balanced diet. They are delicious when roasted and they make the perfect snack to accompany drinks or as a quick snack when you are hungry and need a satisfying low carb protein hit.

The important thing to remember is that you should always consume peanuts in moderation and to keep them away from anyone with allergy issues.


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