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Fresh Roasted Nuts is what we do!

We Roast After You Order!

Just imagine how deliciouse are these nuts when they just dropped of the roaster! 

That what we aim to deliver!

When you place your order, our team will start roasting the nuts until perfection. Thereafter it will be placed in a suitable packaging which will keep the nuts as fresh as if they just dropped from the roaster. We pack those fresh nuts in a stand up re-sealable foil pouches which will make it easier for you to take a bunch of nuts and close the pack again to keep the rest of the nuts as fresh as they should be.

Salted Roasted Nuts

Freshly dry roasted nuts to perfection and then slightly slated to enhance a truly delicious taste.

Unsalted Roasted Nuts

The healthy roasted nuts had been roasted without oil, salt or sugarr

Honey Caramelised Nuts

Utterly moreish sweet snack. Fresh roasted nuts with natural honey adding to that some flavours will surprise you how tasty are they! 

Chocolate Nuts

A huge selection of treats that will delight any sweet tooth! Deluxe luxury chocolate coated premium nuts making them delicious treats