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Many of Delicious Cracker Snacks to Enjoy on Christmas

December 05, 2022

Christmas is the time of year when we tend to eat and drink more than usual. And why not? It’s a special occasion, and festive occasions usually mean more treats!
That being said, it can be easy to overdo things on a single day. You don’t want to end up sick from all that partying, but you don’t want to feel like you’re missing out.
Luckily, crackers are an ideal snack for the holidays. They come in endless varieties; they can be eaten almost anytime during the day without ruining the rest of your meal!
We have a lot of delicious crackers and other snacks here on Nuts Pick that we think you will love too - read on for our top 10 ideas!


1- Bar Mix Crackers

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Japanese Crackers, Crackers, and Peanuts make up this Bar Mix. Fantastic food goes perfectly with a wonderful drink. Because of this, we developed our bar mix crackers, a nut and cracker combo that is ideal for munching on while sipping your preferred drink. When you next host a happy hour, treat guests to the finest nuts in town.

  • Snack during a movie.
  • Appropriate for vegetarians.
  • Rich in nutrition and flavour.


2- Chilli & Lime Corn

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Our Chilli and Lime Corn is an unbeatable flavour combination that will have your taste buds tingling as the spicy ingredients start to warm up your evening! It is flavorful and crunchy.

  • Crunchy texture.
  • Chilli and Lime Flavored.


3- Chilli Broad Beans

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These roasted broad beans with a hint of heat are delicious. These salted, roasted beans are delicious with other snacks or sour beverages because of their excellent nutty flavour and chilli heat.

  • Crunch Texture.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Full of flavours.


4- Chilli Mix Crackers

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This flavorful combination of crisp corn and wasabi peas has it all: spicy, salty, and sweet. Warm, complex, and spicy cracker mixture.

  • A delicious combination.
  • Snack during a movie.
  • Appropriate for vegetarians.
  • Rich with flavours.


5- Crunchy Mix Crackers

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Peanuts, corn nuts, and peas are the main ingredients of Crunchy Mix Crackers, a delicious assortment of crunchy mixed crackers. Excellent flavour and a nutty aroma.
Genuine Greek appetizers are fantastic for dipping and sharing with loved ones.

6- Curry Rice Crackers

Buy Curry Rice Crackers Online in the UK

These crispy, moreish savoury snacks are usually a hit. They are delicious. It will be a really good snack with beverages with this curry flavour.

  • appropriate for vegetarians.
  • Rich in flavour.


7- Wasabi Rice Crackers

Buy Wasabi Rice Crackers Online in the UK
These crispy, moreish savoury snacks are usually a hit. They are delicious. This wasabi-flavoured snack will go well with it.


8- Salted Broad Beans

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These roasted broad beans have a delicious flavour and are also quite healthful. These roasted, salted beans go well with other salty foods and have a wonderful nutty flavour. Our premium broad beans are skillfully roasted in vegetable oil for a flavour and texture that are hard to resist.

9- Japanese Rice Crackers

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Japanese rice crackers are a delicacy. wonderful nibbles.
  • Appropriate for vegetarians.
  • Rich in flavour.


10- Mexicano Rice Crackers

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Seasoning for cheese Mexicano crackers is incredibly delicious on its own because of their crunchy texture and cheese flavour. However, any type of dip may be added to them to improve them.



crackers are a perfect way to show your loved ones how much you love them this Christmas. Plus, they're a delicious and nutritious snack that won’t leave you feeling peckish all week long. You can either use them as a standalone meal or combine them with other foods to create an even more diverse and delicious Christmas feast. 




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