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4 Delicious Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Type of Dad

June 06, 2017

Nuts about your dad? Struggling to think of a gift for Father’s Day? You need look no further for papa-perfect presents.

Whether your dad is a high level foodie, a healthy bunny, a lover of ale, or has the sweetest tooth you’ve ever known, he is your superhero and you want to find just the thing to make him smile. Here we’ve put together 4 delicious gift ideas that are sure to be a treat for his taste buds.

Honey glazed roasted nuts

For the father with a sweet tooth

We all know him. He can polish off an after dinner chocolate in no time, and reaches out for the jam jar first thing in the morning. If your dad loves a sweet treat, take your pick from our honey glazed selection of freshly roasted nuts.

We suggest you try the Honey and Cinnamon Cashews which are incredibly delicious, or the Honey and Chilli Peanuts, which are full of crunchy flavours. The Honey and Strawberry Almonds are a delectably fine snack too.

Raw pecan nuts

For the All-so-healthy dad

Is your dad one of those dedicated to his regimented exercise routine? Does he go to the gym 7 days a week, constantly play sports, and no one can guess his real age? You don’t want to spoil his diet then! Give him a nutrient boost with our range of raw nuts. They are freshly picked, crunchy and packed with protein and vitamins. No salt or oil added.

Raw pecan nuts, cashews, almonds or pistachio kernels are just some of our guilt-free healthy snacks which he will surely enjoy.

Roasted chilli nuts mix

For the Beer-with-nibbles kind of dad

Does your dad know the difference between American Pale Ale and Indian Pale Ale just by its smell? Can he name at least 5 types of hops without even thinking? Well, you’re definitely dealing with a beer sommelier. He will surely appreciate a tasty nibble to accompany his pint of ale. Look no further than our freshly roasted to order salted nuts.

Go for a Cheese & Lemon Super Mix for a tangy snack, the Salted & Smoked Mix for a delicious yet healthy nibble, or our favourite Roasted Chilli Mix for an savoury kick.

Nuts and fruit vintage wicker hamper box

For the classic gentleman

If your dad is the classic gentleman type and always looks dapper, even if he’s only going to the local newsagents, then he deserves something a little more special. Treat him to a vintage hamper box - a premium selection with 9 of our finest nuts and dried fruits, carefully packed in a brown wicker hamper. With a single gold coloured toggle closure and leather-look hinges, the box comes with a sturdy handle and will make the perfect healthy gift for your superhero.


Happy Father’s Day to the great men in our lives. Get cracking!

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