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5 Autumn treats we just can't resist with pumpkin spiced latte

October 11, 2017

Good news, everyone! The season of pumpkin spice 'everything' has officially begun.

October brought us wet weather, cozy knits and lots of autumn trees. We naturally want to hide under a blanket with a cup of pumpkin spiced latte and some seasonal nibbles. To beat the post-summer blues, we've prepared new fabulous tastes for you to explore. We worked hard to bring you fresh and delicious walnuts, almonds, pecans, chocolates and other beautiful things.


Milk chocolate pecan

Talk about yummy! These freshly roasted pecans are dipped in luxury milk chocolate to make it love from first bite.

Whether you enjoy them as a topping for your pumpkin smoothie bowl or on their own, you're sure to want to taste the creamy chocolate melting in your mouth, followed by the crunchy pecan nut.


Roasted unsalted walnuts

These freshly roasted walnuts are by far one of the best autumn treats ever - unsalted for more authentic flavour.

You can nibble on them for an afternoon protein kick, or sprinkle them over a fresh leafy salad for lunch. We've heard that they taste amazing on pumpkin pies and puddings too! We're sure you will find many great ways to enjoy them.



Dark chocolate sea salt almonds

This is our all-year-round favourite snack, but in the autumn the dark chocolate sea salt almonds go especially well with pumpkin puree and a hint of cinnamon.

Our special technique for dry roasting keeps all the natural flavours, whilst the luxury dark chocolate makes a smooth shell with a salty punch. Need we say more? These almonds are a lovely dessert on their own, a great mid-day snack and are also loaded with protein and other good-for-you nutrients.


Roasted salted in-shell hazelnuts

These roasted in-shell hazelnuts just scream of autumn. They are like an evening around the log-fire that fits in your pocket. Salty crunchiness, already cracked open and ready to pop in your mouth.

We are pretty sure these hazelnuts are one of the simplest and tastiest gifts of the season. But don't just take our word for it. Grab a bag, taste and share the love with your friends.


Roasted unsalted macadamia

The roasted macadamia nuts have a subtle but really irresistible taste and can be enjoyed in so many ways - added to savoury dishes or sweet desserts. One of our seasonal favourites is a pumpkin and goats cheese salad topped with baby spinach leaves and a generous dash of macadamia nuts. If you haven't tried yet, you're going to love it!


Freshly roasted walnuts

Whatever your food cravings are lately, try our top seasonal picks. Wrap yourself up warm, make a hot cup of pumpkin spiced latte and open one of our packets of freshly filled roasted deliciousness.

If you feel inspired for some new food inventions, share your recipes with us - via email or any of our social profiles. Make sure you snap your delicious creations, and we'll add 200 loyalty points to your account so that you can enjoy some extra snacks on us.


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