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9 Insanely Delicious Snacks to Take To a Summer Festival

August 11, 2017

We all love the summer, as it offers so many opportunities to have fun outdoors. The UK is home to a mass of great festivals - both for adults and for the little ones. With good weather and good company, we're easily tempted to join in too! There's a favourite band on stage and we're naturally enjoying a few drinks, accompanied by some nibbles.

Whatever the weather, it's always important to stay well hydrated and nourished when you're out and about. It's a good idea to bring a few healthy treats with you. See our favourite insanely delicious snacks that are also so easy to make.

Cereal in a jar

Before you head to the festival, get a jar, fill it with your favourite cereal and top it up with some yogurt. Add a handful of these lemon almonds and mix it all in. By the time you're ready to open the jar, everything will be nicely soaked and flavoured and ready to give you a natural protein kick.

Pistachio watermelon salad

Ever tried watermelon with feta cheese? It tastes divine! Especially topped up with our raw pistachio kernels. The result is a refreshing nutritious snack - perfect for long hot summer days.

Chocolate banana frozen yogurt

Simply add a dozen of our milk chocolate banana chips to a cup of Greek yogurt and leave it in the freezer overnight. There's no need to add extra sugar or other sweeteners. Keep it cool until ready to eat, and make everyone around you jealous.

Nutty fruity salad

Nutty fruity salad

Fruits salads are the best salads in the summer - sweet, full of vitamins and bursting with flavour. Top your favourite fruit with a few spoons of yogurt and honey roasted pistachios, to enjoy a healthy hit of vitamins and minerals.

Energy bites

This snack is healthy, and tastes good enough to eat any time of the day. Get a mixing bowl and stir in a cup of oats with half a cup of peanut butter and honey to taste. Add a large handful of dark chocolate coated coffee beans. Put the mixture in the fridge until set and then shape into small bite size balls. Keep chilled until ready to eat.

Dates yogurt popsicles

Blend a dozen Medjool dates in a cup of Greek yogurt. Pour into small glasses and place a wooden spoon in the middle before you freeze them. Take them with you in a coolbag, to keep you hydrated under the sun.

Energy porridge

Energy porridge

Make your oats porridge as usual and keep it in the fridge until set. Before you load up your hamper, decorate each cup with a handful of wild berries and milk chocolate hazelnuts. The berries will add a kick of flavour, whilst the oats and hazelnuts will boost you with energy and protein. The additional vitamins and minerals will keep you going throughout the day.

Avocado smoothie

An avocado has nearly 20 nutrients and minerals and has loads of good fat. The next time you know you'll be out in the midday sun, make yourself an avocado and yogurt smoothie. Blend in a handful of your favourite raw nuts too. Add it all to a shaker with a few ice cubes, and you'll enjoy a refreshing drink that's also the equivalent to a meal.

Cashew chicken wraps

If you prefer a savoury snack, this one is for you. Stir fry chicken strips with some of our smoked cashews and wrap them in lettuce leaves for a healthy, but delicious afternoon pick-me-up.

We're sure you'll enjoy all the festivals, camps and outdoor activities this summer has on offer. If you try any of our ideas for healthy easy snacks, please let us know which ones were your favourite?

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