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How to make your Christmas cookies a lot more delicious

October 17, 2017

Can you believe that Christmas is only two months away? It seems like only yesterday we were wearing flipflops on the beaches of Ibiza, Sunny Beach and Magaluf. But right now we're drinking a hot cup of tea, dressed in warm jumpers.

Why not beat the summer blues by planning for a very merry Christmas? We think now is the perfect time to start gift shopping, wrapping and experimenting on some festive recipes.

We've got a few ideas for improving your Santa tray with really exciting holiday favourites. Your friends and family won't be able to resist these sweet Christmas staples.

Step up your Christmas recipes this year - Christmas cake with nuts

Christmas cake

Christmas dinner can never be complete without a delicious Christmas cake. What a better way to celebrate the season with friends and family than sharing a home baked cake. Give yours a unique bouquet of flavours by adding honey roasted pecans and honey and cinnamon cashews. The sweet spices, honey, and nut flavours will make your pudding taste extra luxurious, and it will leave everyone wanting more.


Cinnamon stars

Nothing warms the hearts of relatives and family like a tray of cinnamon stars - lightly dusted in icing sugar. Make every bite a little celebration by using our super fresh raw almonds and hazelnuts. Add a teaspoon of grated orange zest to the bake for extra flavour. Serve the cookies with a bowl of our dipped in white chocolate caramel almonds and you will hear an array of "yummm".

Make extra delicious oats shortbread cookies with our tips


Oats shortbread

Break out the rolling pin and your favorite stash of cookie cutters - stars, trees &  snowflakes. Oats shortbread cookies are a Christmas staple that make everyone feel merry. Step up your recipe by adding grated orange zest or apple to flavour, and a cup of salted roasted hazelnuts. If you have some chocoholics around the house, add a few whole dipped in milk chocolate hazelnuts for an extra treat. You can put them out for guests to nibble before or after dinner, served with fruit or cream, although oatmeal shortbread is perfect even in it's own.


Rum pecan balls

The no-bake rum balls are undeniable crowd-pleasers. The rum flavour comes through nicely in the traditional soft Christmas balls, especially if rolled in coconut flakes. Use a cup of grated honey roasted pecan nuts for your dough to give more depth and flavour to your Christmas cookies, and to make your guests reach for another one... and another one.

How to make your rum pecan balls extra special this Christmas



It doesn’t get more festive than having traditional, spiced-just-right gingerbread men on your holiday cookie platter. When making your tried-and-tested gingerbread recipe, add a cup of lemon pistachio kernels to get a delicious variation of these classic cookies. When presenting them to your guests, add a handful of milk chocolate and dark chocolate coated ginger to the serving plate.


Your recipe

Do you have any other favourite Christmas recipes? We'd love to see what you create over the festive season using our freshly roasted and spiced nuts. As a 'Thank you' we'll add 200 loyalty points to your account, and you can enjoy a few delicious treats on us.


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