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Wedding Favours That Show You Are Nuts About Your Guests

July 25, 2017

Every couple wants their big day to be memorable and to feel special - both for their guests and for the two of them. We at NutsPick understand this, and are on a mission to help you find the most delicious wedding favours.

Our range of confectionery fruits and nuts are suitable for vegetarians and specially designed to suit a variety of taste buds. They'll help you add that extra touch of love and care you want to show your guests. See our customers' top picks to get you inspired for your unique wedding favours:

White chocolate raspberries

Our raspberries soaked in white chocolate look elegant when served in a glass jar and are so delicious. Bursting with flavour, they are the perfect way to show that love is sweet. Suitable for vegetarians, so most of your guests can enjoy the treat.


Belgian chocolate mango balls

Belgian chocolate mango balls taste almost magical. They can add the extra touch of beauty to any reception table, or be the perfect topping for your bespoke cupcakes.


Banana chips

Our covered in milk chocolate banana chips make for a delicious gourmet surprise. Pop them in paper bags with your wedding date and initials, or simply serve them in sharing bowls.


Wedding favours - bespoke paper bags

Wedding favours, source: Pinterest


Chocolate coffee beans

Pop our dark chocolate coated coffee beans in personalised coffee cups. The crunchiness of a roasted coffee bean and the smooth dark chocolate make these nibbles impossible to resist.


Sunflower seeds

Coloured sunflower seeds with milk chocolate are a great confectionery and can be used in various ways - in small jars with name tags for each guest, sprinkled around the tables or simply as toppings to desserts and fruit bowls.



Wedding favours - glass jars with nuts

Wedding favours, source: Pinterest

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