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What Should I Eat and How Should I Eat Dry Fruits for Weight Loss?

February 15, 2023

It is well known that dry fruits are incredibly healthy and packed with minerals. However, isn't using dry fruits to lose weight contradictory? Dry fruits are frequently considered to be negative for weight reduction because they are known to be high in calories and fats. This post dispels this misconception and explains why including dry fruits in your diet can help you lose weight.

Eat Dry Fruits for Weight Loss


Are Dried Fruits Beneficial for Losing Weight?

Let's first define what is meant by "dry fruits." Fruits that are dried in order to be preserved, including raisins, dates, apricots, etc., are referred to as dry fruits. However, in the United Kingdom, dried fruits also include nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc.
When compared to fresh fruits, dry fruits frequently contain a higher concentration of nutrients since they are created by drying or dehydrating fruits. Therefore, it would be an understatement to suggest that dried fruits are nourishing. They are a great source of antioxidants and healthful nutrients, making them excellent for your health.


Benefits of Dry Fruits for Losing Weight

In several ways, dry fruits are helpful for weight loss. This is so for the reasons listed below:

  1. Fibre-rich

    The amount of fibre in dry fruits is substantial. Compared to other macronutrients, fibre takes longer to digest. Additionally, it takes in water and expands, prolonging your feeling of fullness. Additionally, some of the fibre in dry fruits may go partially undigested, lowering the number of calories, carbohydrates, and fats that enter your system.

  2. Contains several antioxidants

    Polyphenols, which have strong antioxidant qualities, are abundant in dry fruits. This can lessen your chance of acquiring chronic disorders including obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, PCOS, etc. by helping to protect your body against oxidative stress and inflammation.

    Fat cells (adipocytes) can enlarge and alter how they react to food as a result of chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. Additionally, they can cause insulin resistance in your cells, impacting how your body metabolizes sugar. Thus, the antioxidants in dried fruits can aid in preventing obesity by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.

  3. Could Increase Calorie and Fat Burning

    According to studies, eating dry fruits may increase how many calories your body burns when at rest. According to research, only individuals who are fat or overweight will see these benefits.

    The list of dry fruits for weight loss that are shown below is simple to get and can help you lose weight faster when incorporated into a healthy diet.

What Dry Fruit is the Best for Losing Weight?

  1. Nuts are a good source of vitamins and minerals and are low in carbohydrates despite being heavy in fat and calories. They are beneficial for weight reduction since they are high in protein and fibre.

    Among the nuts that might help you lose weight are:

    - Almonds: According to studies, the protein in almonds aids in the development of lean muscle mass, which raises metabolism and increases caloric expenditure.

    - Cashews: Because of their high magnesium content and reasonable protein and fibre content, cashews can help speed up your metabolism and cause your body to burn more calories.

    - Walnuts: Walnuts' protein, fibre, and omega-3 fatty acids can help you manage your appetite and may even help you lose weight by preventing frequent hunger pains and overeating.

    - Pistachios: Pistachios are heavy in fats and carbs, yet studies show that they may help you lose weight and reduce your body mass index (BMI), especially if you're overweight or obese.

  2. Dates contain a lot of sugar and carbohydrates, but they are also a great source of fibre. For improved digestion,fibrer is necessary. As already established, foods high in fibre take longer to digest, which is beneficial for a diet intended to help you lose weight. This is so because fibre encourages a sensation of satiety.

    Additionally, dates are an excellent natural sweetener and substitute for sugar, jaggery, or honey since they are high in sugar. Compared to sugar, jaggery, and honey, dates are a low-calorie dry fruit. They may be consumed as a post-meal dessert or whenever you have a sweet tooth because they also have a low glycaemic index (GI) score.

  3. Raisin: Despite having a high carbohydrate and sugar content, raisins may be one of the greatest dried fruits for weight reduction, according to certain research. This is due to the fact that raisins may change how leptin and ghrelin, two hunger hormones, are produced by your body on a daily basis. A hormone called leptin encourages satiety and curbs appetite. As a result, eating raisins in your diet might aid in losing weight.


When Should You Eat Dry Fruits to Lose Weight?

The majority of dietitians advise soaking dried fruits the night before and then eating them in the morning on an empty stomach. Dry fruits should be soaked to ensure that their fibre is softened and that the nutrients in the nuts and dry fruits are adequately absorbed.

When opposed to processed or sugary foods, dry fruits and nuts help quench your appetite and encourage fullness for a longer period of time. They may also be taken as a snack in the evening or in between meals.


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