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About us

It’s no secret that fresh is better.

But if you haven’t truly tasted fresh, would you know the difference?

Nuts Pick was started with one simple idea: Fresh-roasted nuts taste better.

If you go to the supermarket, how long have those nuts been on the shelf? Before they got there, how long ago were they packed in glass jars or bags?

With Nuts Pick, these answers are simple!

You place an order and we roast and pack the nuts within 48 hours, then ship them straight away to you. You’ll get the freshest product with that just-out-of-the-roaster flavour!

 nuts pick

And we sure once you taste fresh-roasted, you’ll never go back.


When we started our business, we simply wanted to show people how delicious fresh-roasted nuts could be. We started simple and have gradually added new flavour, different varieties and a few new processes that we think you’ll enjoy.


The Process

For the very best in flavour and quality, the process starts with you. When you place your order, we begin roasting your nuts within 48 hours. Once the product has reached that perfect intersection of heat, time and flavour, the product will be removed from the roaster and sealed in air-tight foil packaging. From there, we ship out your order with the confidence that comes from providing the best option on the market for fresh-roasted nuts.


Crack open our menu

Fresh is better, but which nut is your favorite? There’s no wrong answer, and if you’re not sure, take a look through our extensive offering of hand-picked nuts. All the major types are here, and our team of experts has put together a diverse collection of flavours that enhance the natural flavour profile of each nut. From smoked, salty and honey-glazed or just a simple roast, we think every selection is unique in quality and flavour, and we believe you’ll agree with us on this!

Try Nuts Pick today and you’ll peel back the shell on a whole new world of flavours and quality.

Feel free to get in touch with questions, suggestions or feedback.